Let's make a difference 

What is the purpose of education? To prepare a student for university? For a job? For a future?   Many young people might indeed wonder what their future might be, especially when they  hear so much about the looming climate disaster.... Help them understand, but more importantly, help them become empowered by exploring what we offer.

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We are passionate in our desire to help young people understand  the environmental pressures  that face the world today in a positive, informative way.


We believe we need to give young people the tools to make effective environmental choices in a way that empowers them to believe that change is possible.

We work with schools and colleges  to make this a reality through our  eLearning platform  and workshops. 

What services do we offer ?

Please explore our site and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact

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email: info@oneplanetmatters.com


Online e-learning environmental workshop package


Workshops delivered at your location by  One Planet Matters facilitators